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The video will reveal my greatest fear as a leader…
& how The Awesome Leader League came to life

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The Ultimate Resource For Leaders To Skyrocket Their Success and Build Better Teams

Too many people sit through boring, long training that doesn’t apply to them. ENOUGH!

Why This?

Executive coaching and individual leadership mentoring can get quite costly.

We’re all tired of attending boring training and long conferences with irrelevant content.

Time is precious and schedules are hectic.

Yet, we know gaining knowledge and developing effective leadership skills is priceless and by proving that you possess leadership skills, you can improve your career.

As a leader, what do you do when you want to improve performance and be a good leader but resources are limited and you have no boss or a partner to go to for advice?

Have 20 minutes? Perfect. That’s all you need.

The Awesome Leader League is your resource for help with expanding your leadership skills, exploring solutions to common challenges, and achieving your leadership goals faster, with better results.

Our proven and unique approach to leadership development and relationship building includes relevant stories, real-life examples, and practical action steps designed into 20-minute training and mentoring you need to be an effective leader that fits perfectly into your busy schedule to help you:

Build Confidence

Overcome Challenges

Get Inspired


Get Ahead

Dr. Rebecca Morgan

Hi! I'm Dr. Rebecca Morgan, Founder of The Awesome Leader League (T.A.L.L.)

I’ve spent the past two decades as a global team leader studying psychology, leadership, business, and developing great leaders at all levels at Disney University, and trained people and organizations through the Disney Institute and beyond.

My practical approach is based on deep experience and respected servant leadership research is the connection between people and profits can transform leaders, their teams, and organization to be more creative, resilient, productive, profitable—and happier. I call it the Triad of Awesome Leaders. 

The Awesome Leader League (T.A.L.L.) brings leadership and management skills to a new level, proving that leadership development doesn’t have to be boring, long, or meh.

I’ll see you inside.

The Triad of Awesome Leaders

Triad of awesome leaders grapic

Who This Is For?

Those with a heart for serving others and a head for business.

Regardless of our position within an organization, we can all become leaders.

Now, this is only for those who inspire to be BOSSOME (a boss who is awesome) by taking ownership of developing their leadership style and leadership skills aimed to bring out the best in people. If this is you and you are:

  • New to leadership in your first leadership role
  • Would like to be a future leader or manager
  • Tapped as a high potential emerging leader
  • Never had direct reports before
  • An experienced manager or leader
  • A senior leader of leaders
  • A team leader
  • An individual contributor
  • You work in human resources, training, or organizational development
  • Have been given more responsibility at work
  • You’re a senior executive or aspire to be a top leader
  • You want to have a high-performance team
  • You are at times, frustrated with the development you are receiving not meeting your needs or you want to supplement and build your toolbox.

You’re in the right place! And we’re here to be your guide.

The Awesome Leader League offers the most important leadership skills training, tools, and resources to help you develop and refresh your people skills, grow as a leader, build stronger teams, and be more successful.

Becoming a leader people want so they give you the performance you need.

Ready to start?


What will I learn?

There are several important leadership traits that can help you become a more effective leader. To be a great leader, you must always be challenging yourself to enhance your leadership skills, whether that is by taking initiative, improving your critical thinking skills, or learning how to motivate and empower others.

Imagine having at your fingertips the answers to your biggest leadership and team struggles plus an on-demand available anytime, on any device online leadership library containing 40+ insanely valuable, practical leadership training, tools, and resources with the skills you need to lead when you need them. And you get full access to them all immediately. 

Our 20-minute (or less) classes designed with you in mind for great leadership and building stronger teams will inspire you and fit into busy schedules.

Check out the impressive, ever-growing library of 40+ missions that include:

how to hold a good meeting
leadership communication skills training
leadership core values
managing emotions at work training
how to manage email training
team meeting training
motivating employees
how to get a management job
employee engagement training
how to give feedback to employees training
how to say no training
effective communication training
how to keep control in meeting
how to introduce yourself training
leadership communication training
writing thank you notes
diversity and inclusivity conversation
goal setting training
DISC leadership assessment
team building training
employee communication training
writing effective email training
simon sinek circle of safety
Leadership Power
how to hold a good meeting
how to get a management job
leadership communication skills training
how to introduce yourself training
leadership core values
managing emotions at work training
team meeting training
employee engagement training
how to give feedback to employees training
How to motivate your team training
DISC leadership assessment
how to manage email training

What can I expect?

Training To Become a Better Leader In 20 Minutes or less

Make managing easier, more effective, and learn more good leadership traits of sought after leaders than you ever thought possible in a short amount of time.

Designed to fit perfectly in busy schedules with easy-to-digest quick (20 min or less) and actionable on-demand online leadership development training that won’t overwhelm and improve your career.


Personalized Learning Path

Develop the knowledge and leadership skills you and your team need for high-performance with new content added every month. Flexible to your needs, gain a variety of different key skills of successful leaders and stay relevant in today’s competitive and cutting edge environment.

Resources and Tools For Leaders

Discover your strengths and be more confident in your abilities to lead people and save time because you have access to the skills you need when you need them with proven practices, scripts, and activities of successful leaders.

That will boost your confidence and get you on the fast track to effective leadership, improved productivity, teamwork, and great business results.

Mini Success Missions

Once you have the leadership skills, you can better help your team thrive.

You are given small, immediately actionable missions focused on progression and not perfection to motivate, inspire, and propel your people management skills, employee engagement, and long-term success. You’ve got this! 

Some Very Special Bonuses


If you had a magic wand, what skills, guidance, tool, or training would you like to have?

How do you deal with difficult employees and team members? How do you say no to a three-month vacation request? Why is emotional intelligence so important? What can I do to improve my time management skills? Team management? Delegating work? Decision making? How do you think strategically? How can I improve my communication skills?

With a click of a button, you can request training based on the skills and insights you need to support you and your team’s performance.


Transitioning as a leader to a new role or to a new team isn’t always easy. Knowing this, I’ve put together a step-by-step guide on how to host a New Leader Transition Session to help you shorten the learning curve and give your team insight into you as a leader and your leadership style as you learn more about everyone on your team.

Taking the time to host a session shows your team members that you are serious about strong relationships, teamwork, and creating an environment where everyone is valued and can do their best work.

After this session, they’ll see that you are bossome.

You have full access to all content and a new experience is added every month. Everything is designed to be on-demand so you can learn at your own pace, on your own time. Year-long access means you can move as fast (or slow) as you want and can go back to any part whenever you’d like.

Professional development for leaders to learn new skills and grow your career for less than .99 cents a day.

$29 per month

$296 per year

12 months for the price of 10

$296 per year

12 months for the price of 10

Here’s Why People Love The Awesome Leader League

I can use and apply what Rebecca teaches right away.

Michelle, Team Leader

Rebecca’s knowledge has been

Nate, Team Leader

To gain Rebecca’s insight is nothing short of exciting! 

Diana, Team Leader

I’ve been sniffing out where true leaders flock. There will never be enough times on this planet I can say THANK YOU for being a phenomenal leader, coach, and for blessing me with your wisdom. 


Senior Leader

Rebecca helped me realize that I’m a leader. Not because of my title, but rather my ability to inspire others to take action and achieve amazing results.


Emerging Leader

I was reviewing my notes and materials this morning from the training Mission and realized how invaluable this all is. I wish I had it months ago!


New Leader, Start Up Company

Rebecca’s knowledge has been invaluable to help me remain a confident, transparent, and trusted leader.


Individual Contributor to Executive Leader

Rebecca is a great advocate of the customer and employee experience and company bottom line.

Director, Tech Company

Individual Contributor to Executive Leader

Grooming and growing leaders are Rebecca’s passions! I am impressed with Rebecca’s ability to ‘filter the noise’ and immediately understand the root cause of team challenges. She’s been there as a leader and gets it!


Team Leader


Why Only 20 Minutes? Is That Even Possible?

Thank you for asking! Let’s keep it short and sweet, the method behind the madness of 20 minutes or less training and mentoring.

  1. Nobody wants to sit through a long-drawn-out training session.
  2. The way adults learn is different from the way children do. Studies have shown the best learning happens in adults in 15–20 minute chunks, which helps to ingrain that knowledge into your short and long-term memory. This is exactly what we need as leaders. Having these skills available when you need them.
Can I Get My Work To Pay For My Leadership Development?

Some companies are recognizing how essential investing in their employees is — especially when they can learn new skills through easy access to experienced experts at an affordable price from anywhere.

And they offer personal and professional development allowances, tuition reimbursement, or allow you to use education credit as part of their benefits package.

We’ll provide a receipt for reimbursement or what you need to submit to your manager or HR department for reimbursement.

Does Rebecca Teach These Classes?

Yes! Rebecca teaches or when there is a special guest expert session she is there learning alongside you.

What If I Want To Pause or Cancel My Membership?

The Awesome Leader League is designed to help you learn, grow, and transform your People First leadership skills to be a confident and awesome leader. If you need to pause your membership or cancel, you can in your account or reach out at rebecca@chooseawesomecompany.com

Will This Really Help Me Become A Good Leader or Manager?

The mission of The Awesome Leader League is to improve professionals’ leadership skills in the workplace to be a better leader through quick, easy-to-digest actionable training and resources.

Whether you are a seasoned leader or just starting out on your journey as one, I know it sounds too good to be true, but my goal as a leader, coach, and mentor for decades now has been teaching people how they can become effective leaders themselves by focusing on the qualities that make great ones successful over time: character and confidence, communication, care, and connection.

I’ll have your back every step of the way! It’s all about progress, not perfection – with you focused on self-awareness and improvement rather than comparing yourself against others or expecting immediate results from any single endeavor; l think everyone will see just what a great leader you’re becoming. To be that leader others want not only to follow but because they’ll become more successful because of your leadership.

What Are Soft Skills?

Soft skills or “people skills” are the interpersonal skills that help you succeed.

I like to call them “human skills”, as they refer to the set of abilities, habits, and behaviors that people (humans) use to interact with each other.

Leadership is a type of soft skill. Yet, there’s nothing “soft” about them. Without them, you’ll never be an awesome leader. It’s not possible.

The Awesome Leader League is focused on building strong leadership skills including strategic thinking, communication skills, care, connection, and more which are soft skills and critical for effective leadership.

What Is The Difference Between Leadership and Management?

The terms “leadership” and “management” are often used interchangeably.

Although it’s common to confuse leadership and management, we need both and they are both leadership qualities that play an important role in business success.

While they have a lot in common, the distinction between management and leadership is subtle but significant. I explain the difference in this article.

Manager vs leader

What Is a Leader?

The art of leadership is that no title is necessary to be seen as a leader.

A leader is anyone who has the opportunity to coach, mentor, and support someone else.

Anyone who has the opportunity to be a role model and set an example is a leader.

An awesome leader is one who has the ability to influence, inspire, and encourage people through their actions.

If that sounds like your idea of a leader, then this is the place for you!

What If I Don’t Have The Title of a Manager or a Leader?

A title doesn’t make you a leader.

Leadership is a skill. Leadership skills are learned and practiced like any other skill, such as cooking or typing.

If you want to build up your leadership qualities of good leaders and be a leader people choose to follow join us!

Will This Work For My Industry?

The league is filled with business leaders from a wide range of industries and companies from around the world.

Leadership is about people, not industry. With T.A.L.L., you can learn the skills of an effective leader regardless of your industry with bite-sized and actionable content delivered monthly  – no matter what field you are in!

Strong leadership qualities like team building, conflict management, strategic thinking, project management, active listening, and the ability to solve problems transcend across industries are in HIGH demand across every industry and all businesses from teeny-tiny garage startups, mom-and-pop family businesses, to multi-site, international empires.

We focus on building your self-confidence and unique leadership style.


Can I Sign Up My Team To Join T.A.L.L.?

If interested in membership for your company or team, contact me.

Do You Offer 1-on-1 Private Coaching, Mentoring, Consulting or Advising?

Yes, I offer one-on-one advising and coaching engagements for those times when you have a particular situation to untangle.

I also specialize in working with organizations to build experiential onboarding and training people talk about years after they attended and training classes so, in demand, they have a waitlist.

Let’s chat.

I Have Another Question.

Of course! email me here