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Without Ever Being A Soul-Sucking “Bosshole”

The Ultimate Collection Of People-Centered Leadership Skills To Help You Be A Better Leader.

As A Current Manager, Leader Or

You’ve Probably Pondered The Age-Old Question…

Are leaders born or are they made?

Learn Leadership

But There’s A BIG Problem You Probably Witnessed… 

60% receive NO training

studies show 60% of managers do not receive any leadership skills training or coaching before taking on their leadership roles. 

42 years old average age

of those who do get some leadership skills training. That’s more than a DECADE (10 years on average) from when they started in a their leadership roles!

67% of employees are not engaged

in their daily work. We spend a lot of time there and it should be somewhat enjoyable, tolerable, and productive for team members (and us).

75% of employees who quit

do so because of their manager. I’m sure you have at least one story about working for a bad boss or “bosshole” who can’t make simple decisions, micromanages everyone, has horrible time management, and gets shouty when you ask them a simple question. You don’t want to be that. You want to be a strong leader.

A requirement and nothing else

If you’re lucky enough to receive some leadership skills training…what you get is often leadership theory (snore) or the legal training that supports HR’s agenda but doesn’t really teach you the important leadership skills required to be an effective leader.

Forgot it all

the truth is you just forgot what you may have learned years ago (or just last week). It’s not you… 90% of new skills are lost and forgotten within a year.

Boring, long, inefficient, meh..

sitting through most leadership skills training is like watching paint dry. It’s information overload, too long, and it gets boring after the first few minutes because it’s not the leadership skills you need

Searching for solutions only makes matters worse and eats up tons of time

Although you can Google “learn management” or “how to be a leader” and no doubt learn a few things, it may be overwhelming and mind-numbing with so many “what to do” guidelines and little practical advice on HOW to do it. What you need is a framework of successful leaders 


Source: Gallup/CEB/Harvard

Hey There, Leader!


Dr. Rebecca Morgan

Dr. Rebecca Morgan
Founder of The Awesome Leader League

For the past 20 years, I’ve led hundreds and nurtured thousands of managers, leaders, and created great places to work.

The Awesome Leader League (T.A.L.L) brings people-centered leadership and management skills to a new level, proving that leadership development doesn’t have to be boring, long, or meh.


You aspire to be a people-centered leader and explore opportunities for leadership. You’re discovering your leadership potential with the goal of stepping up into an opportunity that will allow you to be an effective leader.


You have been told you have leadership potential, are an emerging leader, or getting promoted to management soon and you are ready for the next step in your career to help make an impact in the world with your people centered leadership.


You’ve been recently promoted and are the manager of a group of team members you once sat and worked beside, so you want to feel comfortable and confident in your new position by developing leadership skills to be successful.


You’re a life-long learner with an agenda to hone and build your leadership and management skills. You can’t get enough books, TED Talks, and training conferences on qualities of a leader and how to improve your leadership skills.


You have been managing others and want to show your value and stand out as a good leader among peers and team members but you did not receive much (possibly no) training, and if you did, you can’t remember a thing from it.


You’re a servant leader who knows what it takes to succeed and you are constantly learning and refreshing your leadership skills. 

You already have the positive attitude and many of the skills leaders need to make a big difference.

Don’t wait for good leaders, become them.

Imagine yourself NO longer


Waiting yet another day

for the HR department or your boss to provide you a leadership training plan, assign you a mentor, or approve the training they promised you months ago


Taking out a personal loan and use all your vacation time

to pay for the leadership training to get the skills you need that could easily set you back hundreds if not thousands of dollars (not to mention travel costs) and consume all of your vacation time


Begging your manager

to send you to training to get the key leadership skills leaders need and receive a NO or some lame “it’s coming“, “it will happen“, “I’m working on it“, or “it’s not in the budget” excuse 


Dusting off an old training binder

that’s been sitting on your office bookshelf to see if there’s anything useful in it only to find out the biggest takeaway and major accomplishment from those long multiple days of training is throwing it away.




Wasting time scouring the internet

for support and now have a head full of strong leadership theory, but you’ve got no idea how to apply it to your practical work



Getting on an airplane to spend days in a windowless room

as if travel wasn’t already a hassle and frustrating… AND you even remembered to pack a sweater but the airline lost your luggage

The Awesome Leader League (T.A.L.L.)

The Ultimate Collection Of People-Centered Leadership Skills To Help You Be A Better Leader.

Without EVER Being A Soul-Sucking “Bosshole


After decades of strong leadership development and coaching experience, I have created this system based on the latest research and best practices for people who want to become people-centered leaders

The Triad Of Awesome Leaders

Bosses who are awesome “BOSSOME” has successfully mastered the leadership skills Triad and you will too, now


Become a Better Leader In 20 Minutes

Learn more than you ever thought possible in a short amount of time.

Work at your own pace with easy-to-digest quick (20 min or less) and actionable on-demand people-centered leadership skills training that won’t overwhelm.


Brand New Training Mission Every Month

Enhance your leadership skills and knowledge with new content every month. Gain a variety of different skills of successful leaders and stay relevant in today’s competitive environment

With a variety of different specific skills you need, you’ll never get bored!

Resources and Tools For Leaders

Be more confident in your abilities and save time because you have access to the skills you need with proven practices, scripts, and resources of successful leaders.

That will boost your confidence and get you on the fast track to effective leadership.

Mini Success Missions

Apply your newly strengthened leadership skills.

You are given small, immediate missions focused on progression and not perfection to motivate, inspire, and propel your leadership skills and long term success.

I can use and apply what Rebecca teaches right away.

Michelle, Team Leader

Rebecca’s knowledge has been

Nate, Team Leader

To gain Rebecca’s insight is nothing short of exciting! 

Diana, Team Leader

A Sneak Peek Inside T.A.L.L. 

When you become a T.A.L.L. member, you get full, immediate access to all on-demand leadership skills trainings examples include:

how to hold a good meeting
leadership communication skills training
leadership core values
managing emotions at work training
how to manage email training
team meeting training
motivating employees
how to get a management job
employee engagement training
how to give feedback to employees training
how to say no training
effective communication training
how to keep control in meeting
how to introduce yourself training
leadership communication training
writing thank you notes
diversity and inclusivity conversation
goal setting training
DISC leadership assessment
team building training
employee communication training
writing effective email training
simon sinek circle of safety

And the leadership resources continue to grow!

how to hold a good meeting
how to get a management job
leadership communication skills training
how to introduce yourself training
leadership core values
managing emotions at work training
team meeting training
employee engagement training
how to give feedback to employees training
How to motivate your team training
DISC leadership assessment
how to manage email training

And the resources continue to grow! 

My goal with T.A.L.L. was ambitious: Everything you need to grow your people-centered management and leadership skills all in one place, for a fraction of the time and cost of training classes, conferences, books, and coaching!

Why pay thousands for a one-time course or conference, when you can join The Awesome Leader League and get access to an on-demand library available 24/7 that keeps growing with a brand new training every month?

The Awesome Leader League (T.A.L.L.) is exactly that (and more!), and if any of what I just shared resonates with you – then I made it for YOU!

I truly believe The Awesome Leader League is the secret weapon you need in your back pocket to be a confident, effective, and successful people-centered leader.


But Just Don’t Take My Word For it…


Let’s Recap Everything
You Get  With Your T.A.L.L. Membership…


Instant Access To It All

All important leadership skills training, downloadable tools, guides, and resources are available immediately, on-demand.


New Mission Each Month

With the key techniques, practices, and strategies of authentic, inspiring, human-centered leaders of teams


Bonuses Better Than A Genie In A Lamp!

You made it this far and I’m not going to stop now. This is the best part—read on!



Additionally, To Ensure Your Success, You’ll Get: 

 #1 BONUS:  Your Wish Is My Command

Bonus: New Leader Transition Session Guide

If you had a magic wand, what skills, guidance, or training would you like to be successful in your leadership role?

Because now you do!

People have called me “Better than a genie in a lamp!” I create content based on your requests on the skills you need. How to deal with difficult employees? How to say no to a three-month vacation? Tell me more about emotional intelligence? How do I get better with time management? Team management? Decision making? Strategic thinking? Build my communication skills? I’ve got your back! 

 #2 BONUS:  Earn “bossome” Credits 

Bonus: New Leader Transition Session Guide

If you love collecting points, unlocking bonuses, and surprises then this is for you! 

As you complete your missions you’ll collect “Bossome” credits that will unlock special bonuses and surprises along the way.

#3 LIMITED TIME BONUS:  New Leader Transition Session Guide! 

Bonus: New Leader Transition Session Guide

As a T.A.L.L. member, you will receive as a BONUS the guide I have been using for years to plan and prepare for a New Leader Transition Session.

A New Leader Transition Session is a key strategic session designed to shorten the learning curve and help your team understand you and your leadership style better while you learn about your team members.

The most important thing is that it starts you off looking like a boss who’s awesome #bossome because you took the time to host the session, understand strengths and weaknesses, and plan how to do your best work together straight away.

You Actually Get All OF THIS, Mentoring From Me, An Ever-Growing Library, And Great Content That Makes You A Better Leader.

The Awesome Leader League

60% OFF!

$27 $10.80/month


Get a 14 day trial for just $1!


Immediate, 100% access to everything


Stay a member and get 60% off every month!


Cancel at anytime

Come take a look inside T.A.L.L. with me!


See Mission Central


Check Out A Mission


View A Mission Resource


Watch How Easy It Is To Request Content

Should you still have any doubts, let me put them to rest once and forever

If you join today, and you’re not completely 100% head-over-heels thrilled with everything in The Awesome Leader League

AND not convinced beyond a doubt that T.A.L.L. is the place for you to learn, grow, and transform your people-centered leadership skills to be a better leader.

The leader of the team peope wants to be on and follow you to the end of the earth if that’s where you are headed. 

I insist that you cancel and there will be no hard feelings, I promise!

No contract guarantee

Frequently Asked Questions

What is leadership?

Leadership is being the person who people will want to follow.

Leadership is not about being in charge. Instead, it’s the skill to inspire, motivate, and guide people to accomplish goals.

If that sounds like your idea of a leader then you’re invited to join The Awesome Leader League! Join

The terms “leadership” and “management” are often used interchangeably.

Although it’s common to confuse leadership and management, we need both and they both play an important role in business success.

While they have a lot in common, the distinction between management and leadership is subtle but significant. I explain the difference in this article

Article: Manager vs leader

What are soft skills? Does T.A.L.L. help build them?
Soft skills or “people skills” are the interpersonal skills that help you succeed.

I like to call them “human skills”, as they refer to the set of abilities, habits, and behaviors that people (humans) use to interact with each other.

Leadership is a type of soft skill. Yet, there’s nothing “soft” about them. Without them, you’ll never be an awesome leader. It’s not possible.

The Awesome Leader League is focused on building strong leadership skills including strategic thinking, communication skills, care, connection, and more which are soft skills and critical for effective leadership.

What Leadership Style Is Taught Inside T.A.L.L.?

The Awesome Leader League’s mission is to change the world, with our people-centered leadership so strategies, tools, and resources shared are based primarily on servant leadership, participative leadership, and transformative leadership. 

The mission of The Awesome Leader League is to improve professionals’ leadership skills in the workplace to be a better leader through quick, easy-to-digest actionable training and resources.

Whether you are a seasoned leader or just starting out on your journey as one, I know it sounds too good to be true, but my goal as a leader, coach, and mentor for decades now has been teaching people how they can become effective people-centered leaders themselves by focusing on the qualities that make great ones successful over time: character and confidence, communication, care, and connection.

I’ll have your back every step of the way! It’s all about progress, not perfection – with you focused on improvement rather than comparing yourself against others or expecting immediate results from any single endeavor; l think everyone will see just what an amazing leader you’re becoming. To be that leader others want not only to follow but because they’ll become more successful because of your leadership.

A title doesn’t make you a leader.

Leadership is a skill. Leadership skills are learned and practiced like any other skill, such as cooking or typing.

If you want to build up your leadership qualities of good leaders and be a leader people choose to follow join us!

Leadership skills training can be daunting, but now it is simpler than ever!

All you need to do is log in and explore T.A.L.L., the ultimate collection of people-centered leadership skills to make you a better leader.

You have everything at your fingertips on-demand all in one place.  Log in anytime day or night for 24/7 availability.

My favorite part of T.A.L.L is the wish-granting!

As a member, your wish is my command!

I love that I can create personalized training courses just for you, based on your interests or professional challenges.

What’s even better is all of my years in leadership,  research and instructional design help me craft the best possible program to meet those needs and goals.

So what are you waiting for? Join today

T.A.L.L. is designed for you to become a better leader in just 20 minutes or less! There’s no “keep up” or “falling behind”.

You work at your own pace with easy-to-digest quick (20 min or less) and actionable on-demand leadership skills training that won’t overwhelm you.

Success doesn’t happen overnight. A little progress each day leads to big results. We focus on progress, not perfection.

Of course, the Awesome Leader League will work for you! The league is filled with leaders from a wide range of industries and companies from around the world. 

Leadership is about people, not industry. With T.A.L.L., you can learn the leadership skills of an awesome leader regardless of your industry with bite-sized and actionable content delivered monthly  – no matter what field you are in!

Strong leadership abilities that transcend across industries are in HIGH demand across every industry and all businesses from teeny-tiny garage startups, mom-and-pop family businesses, to multi-site, international empires.

I also have years of experience developing leaders in all industries at all levels through Disney University and the Disney Institute.

I know, it’s insane, right?

This is because you and I have a HUGE opportunity to create a lasting impact in the world with our leadership. 

That means you don’t need fancy overproduced videos or teams – just me with really simple slide decks recorded at my studio/office which also happens to be my spare bedroom.

The Awesome Leader League is here to help you be a better leader!

And for just $1 trial, get 14 days of 100% access (see if it’s everything we say that it is ) and then 60% off every month after as long as you are a member.

Yes, we’ll increase the price and this offer will not last forever so take advantage before the trial goes away and prices go up!

In order to take advantage of this offer, click here.

Some companies are recognizing how essential investing in their employees is — especially when they can learn new skills through easy access to experienced experts at an affordable price from anywhere.

And they offer personal and professional development allowances, tuition reimbursement, or allow you to use education credit as part of their benefits package.

We’ll provide a receipt for reimbursement or what you need to submit to your manager or HR department for reimbursement.


Yes, of course, but I hope you don’t because then you’ll no longer be a member of The Awesome Leader League. 

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Yes, I offer one-on-one advising and coaching engagements for those times when you have a particular situation to untangle.

I also specialize in working with organizations to build experiential onboarding people talk about years after they attended and training classes so, in demand, they have a waitlist.

Let’s chat.

Q. Can I sign up my team to join T.A.L.L.?
The T.A.L.L. is for individual, PERSONAL use.

If interested in training or membership for your company, contact me.

Of course! email me here