The ultimate collection of leadership strategies and skills for current leaders and those in-the-making who are fed up with the status quo of “boss-holes” and are on a mission to be better AWESOME

When you’re on a mission to be an awesome leader, you shouldn’t have to beg your boss for the training you need (or stay up all night searching the internet).


The Awesome Leader League was formed out of my frustration with soul-sucking “boss-holes”  that ruin workplaces for everyone and who get in the way of people doing work that matters.

I’m assembling the fastest way to transform and build your skills with the ultimate collection of leadership strategies, tools, and resources so that you can shorten the learning curve to be a confident leader, tackle any difficult situation with ease, bring forth the best in people, and create massive results.

 That’s why I’m thrilled you have an interest in
The Awesome Leader League.

T.A.L.L. is your secret weapon for success.


Let Me Share The T.A.L.L. Framework

If you don’t understand people, you don’t understand business. 

  • Business is all about people. People includes YOU as the leader, your employees, and your customers.
  • Businesses exist to serve every customer.
  • Leaders must support their employees.
  • With extraordinary leadership, employees can better serve their customers.
  • Customers create positive business results, supported by employees and leadership.
  • If leaders fail to serve their people first, customers and business will suffer. 

As big-hearted, caring, results-oriented leaders on a mission, you and I have a HUGE opportunity to create lasting impact in this world—and it’s the reason I’m so passionate about this work. This is the reason I created T.A.L.L. 

I’m passionate about this because I know it works.  

Stop wasting time with outdated articles and dubious ideas you find for free online.

T.A.L.L. reinvents leadership, reimagines the workplace, and rejuvenates the leadership muscles of current and future awesome leaders by TAKING ACTION, not just consuming content.

I’ve yet to see a better solution that gives you a convenient solution to quickly develop the skills you need to decrease stress, feel more confident, calm, powerful, and succeed as a leader people choose to follow and be able to do it no matter your industry, title, or experience level. 

And I’ve not only been teaching it, but I’ve actually been on the front line leading others. 

Who am I

Hi, I’m Dr. Rebecca Morgan, an ex-international award-winning Disney leader who now leads a human skills development company.

But this was not always me.

Once upon a time …

I was a 24-year-old who couldn’t keep a house plant alive.

I went from embroidering names on Mickey Mouse ears outside of Cinderella Castle to being responsible for over 400 employees at Epcot.

I had to make decisions, create strategies, influence, collaborate, hire, fire, and keep a multi-million-dollar operation running with people who were once my peers — old enough to be my parents, my grandparents, and younger than my sister — all looking to me as the one in charge.

After a lot of lessons learned, I went on to lead teams of all shapes and sizes and helped tens of thousands of leaders around the world at all levels at the Walt Disney Company build their leadership legacies.

I believe it’s the responsibility of leaders to connect, engage, and inspire the hearts and minds of people and not be a “boss-hole.”

So much in my bones that I was recognized with a handful of Mousecars, which is the Disney version of an Academy Award, as well as receiving a Disney Lifetime Achievement Award during my career.

My superpower is helping people go from feeling insecure, fearful, overwhelmed, and not confident to knowing they are making a difference and having people trip over their own feet to follow them.

Leadership is a journey. And the one thing I know.

Awesome Leaders take charge of their success leaving everyone in the dust who are still waiting for their turn to attend training.

Now, I’m on a mission supporting current leaders and ones in-the-making who are serious about finding the shorter path to get the strategies and skills of awesome leaders so that they can make a real difference, NOW.

Now more than ever, there’s an opportunity to choose to lead and make a HUGE impact.

The Awesome Leader League (T.A.L.L.) is perfect for you if you:


Aspire to be a leader. You’re exploring leadership opportunities and looking for your chance to step up and lead.


Have been told you are an emerging leader or have high potential as a leader.


Been promoted and are now the boss of your peers you once sat and worked beside.


Are a student of leadership. Reading books, networking, watching Ted Talks, going to conferences on your own to learn all you can about leadership.


Been a leader for a while but received very little (possibly no) training or went to training but it was a long time ago.


Are a seasoned leader who’s always learning and on the lookout for new tips and tricks for their toolkit and to use to support others on their journey. 

If any of the above describes you… you’re the perfect candidate to join The Awesome Leader League (T.A.L.L.) and it would be awesome to have you with us to shape the future of leadership.

So What Is The Awesome Leader League (T.A.L.L.)?

With T.A.L.L., you will learn everything I wish I learned about leadership when I was starting out. As quickly as possible. When YOU have a leadership problem, you’ll no longer have to:

  • Beg your manager to send you to training.
  • Waste time scouring the internet for answers.
  • Get frustrated after spending days in training and getting behind on work, with the biggest takeaway being the 15-pound participant binder that now sits on a bookshelf.

T.A.L.L. is a unique and dynamic leadership skill, strategy, and resource-building experience for leaders at all levels, across all industries.

Developed by me and members of T.A.L.L. to give you relatable, actionable, and effective strategies you need now to be confident and reach your full potential as a leader. 

You won’t get a bunch of complex leadership theories sharing the “what” and the “why” and never-ever getting to an actual proven, practical, in real life HOW to actually do it solution. I promise


Battle-Tested Training Units

Grow and strengthen your leadership muscles quickly with step-by-step, tried-and-true, and realistic training designed to take 20 minutes or less and 100% actionable to create success. 


New Training Unit Added Every Month

Immediate full access to all training units with a new leadership muscle building training unit added every month based on T.A.L.L. member needs and requests. You decide our next mission. 

T.A.L.L. Utility Belt

Fill your leader utility belt and toolkit with secret weapons, time-saving tools, guides, and resources to help you implement and achieve your goals faster and easier. 

Mini Success Missions

Put your strengthened leadership muscles to the test. You’ll be given mini success missions designed for immediate implementation and focused on progression, not perfection. 

Now more than ever, there’s an opportunity to choose to lead and to make an impact.

Here’s just a taste of what’s available Inside T.A.L.L. 

All designed to help you create success in the shortest and most efficient way possible that will make a difference for you, those you lead, and your business.

Founding Members have been busy!  Building leadership character, communication, and building relationships are topics they’ve requested— and their wish is my command!
Here are the training units available for you right now!

How to Land Your First Ever Management Job When You Have 0, Zip  Experience


11 Things Awesome Leaders Always Say 


DISCover and Unleash Your Awesome Leadership Style Superpower


How to Annihilate the Fear of Giving Feedback to Others

How Using This Magical Phrase Will Make You a Jedi Master of Communication


How to Prevent Your Meetings From Going Into a Never-Ending Tailspin

How to Introduce Yourself and Not Be Awkward (or Annoying) AF

How to WOW! Meetings So That People Accept and Actually Show Up

How to Identify And Use Your Core Values For Awesome 

How to Instantly Become a Master Trader of the New Currency of Work

Is That All? Heck NO!


Every month I’ll be adding at a minimum one new training.

Instant Access To Everything

 No drip here. You get access to all training units, missions, downloadable tools, guides, and resources immediately. Starting June 1

Your Wish Is My Command

I’ve been called “better than a genie in a lamp!” I create the content based on your needs and requests each month. 

Costs Less Than A Mocha and Sous Vide Egg Bites

You can join T.A.L.L. for less than it costs for a mocha and an order of sous vide egg bites.

Founding Member Price Lock

The Founding Members, “the Mighty 70” the first 70 people to join. The price is locked at the ridiculously low price of $7 a month.

No Long Term Contract

You will be charged monthly for access to T.A.L.L. and it takes one click to cancel the subscription.

More Than A Convenient One-Stop-Shop For New, Dynamic, and Modern Leadership Training 

We’re also a community and have a forum-like group, T.A.L.L. Lounge where we can share our mission progress, celebrate success stories, ask questions, request training, and dive deep into the topics that will help us make forward progress in our work. 

You will be charged $7 now and then $7 every month as a Founding Member, “the mighty 70” as long as you stay a member of T.A.L.L. You can cancel at any time.

I truly believe — from the bottom of my heart — that
The Awesome Leader League (T.A.L.L.) will help move your leadership legacy forward.

 Don’t take just my word for it.  See the testimonials and stories from leaders I’ve inspired to get T.A.L.L just like you who have had great success in business. 

Rebecca is a great advocate of both the guest experience and company bottom line.


Director, Refreshing leadership fundamentals

I’ve been sniffing out where true leaders flock. There will never be enough times on this planet I can say ‘thank you’ for being a phenomenal leader and for blessing me with your wisdom.


Director of Operations, Looking for mentorship

I was reviewing my notes and material this morning from the training mission and realized how invaluable this all is.  I wish I had it months ago!


New Leader, Start Up

Within seconds, you’ll know Rebecca was born to elevate people, something I’ve seen her accomplish several times on two continents. She blends her own personal drive with two decades of Disney business and leadership experience. (Her) fireworks are even brighter than the ones you’ll see over Cinderella Castle.


Vice President, Tech Company

The opportunity to learn from Rebecca and gain her insight from her years of experience as a leader and training leaders at Disney and beyond is exciting! She certainly exceeded my expectations of being a fair, level head to provide resources, suggestions, and feedback on how I could tackle my new leadership role and team!


Newly Promoted Team Leader

I recently was promoted as an individual contributor leader to overseeing a team of people.  Rebecca’s services have been invaluable. She’s able to give outside perspective to challenges I’ve faced with leading team members. She’s also been able to help me shape and formulate thoughtful responses to team members that help me remain a transparent, trusted leader.


New Team Leader

T.A.L.L. Can Help You Succeed

I’m here to shake things up. Because there is a MUCH easier, faster, and better way to learn leadership skills and build your confidence as a leader for long-term success.  

Let’s Look At The Facts

  • Recent studies show 60% of leaders say they do not receive any training or coaching before starting out as a leader.
  • The average age of those who receive leadership skills training is 42! That’s 10 years (on average) from when they started in a position of being responsible for others!

You wouldn’t drive a car without learning how first, yet people are placed into positions responsible for others and are expected to get results with NO training.

Making it not surprising… 

  • 67% of employees are not engaged in their daily work.
  • 75% of employees who quit do so because of their boss.

Source: Gallup/CEB/Harvard

You Do Have Options — But Only One Makes Sense



You can decide to stay as you are, doing nothing differently, and keep running, begging, and waiting on HR or your manager for the training you need to stop feeling like an imposter. That you are not good or smart enough to be a leader. How does that feel? Right, I think we both know. And it’s not happy.


You can gather your wits, suck it all up, and decide you’re going to go at it alone. Well actually, yes,  you probably could do this, you’re a smart cookie after all and I’m as sure it will be better than option one…but. better and alone is not what you’re looking for. Because you know together is better. Am I right?

3. JOIN T.A.L.L.

OR, you could fling those options on the scrap pile and instead get everything you have ever needed in The Awesome Leader League without wasting another moment of lying in bed at night wondering if you suck as a leader, are going to be fired, and never get promoted again so that you can finally feel confident you have the skills and support needed to be an awesome leader even if you’ve never led before or have been doing it for years.

Frankly, only one of these options makes any sense at all, especially because there is absolutely no risk..ZERO! So, the choice is yours…

Are you ready to decrease stress, feel more powerful, confident, and calm in your leadership role?

I’ll see you in T.A.L.L.


“The Mightly 70” 

You will be charged $7 now and then $7 every month as a Founding Member, “The mighty 70” as long as you stay a member of T.A.L.L. You can cancel at any time.

Come take a look inside T.A.L.L. wth me!

Answers To Your Fears and Doubts 


Q. How do you choose the content that is added to T.A.L.L. each month?

A. Content is member-driven! Members of T.A.L.L. share the skills they want to build and strengthen based on their needs.

Then I dig into my years of experience in leadership development, research, instructional design, and use my knack of breaking down complex concepts into relatable, actionable, and effective strategies, Giving you the HOW with examples, tools, and training to DO. 



Q. How Is the content in The Awesome Leader League delivered?

Everything is in the T.A.L.L portal, all neat and organized for you to take what you need when you need it! You just log in and can access all the bite-sized training units, missions, tools, guides, resources, and more designed to be actionable not be overwhelming.

Q. What if I don’t have the title of a manager or a leader? Is this still for me?

There’s a good chance you have first-hand experience that a title or corner office does not confer to make a person an excellent…

If you believe in doing the right thing when it comes to leading others and:

  • Aspire to a leadership role.
  • Are currently in a management position but deep down know you’re not yet the leader you are supposed to be.
  • Have had a little or zip, zero, nada leadership training and can no longer fight the urge to grow your leadership muscles.
  • Have been a leader for a while but are always searching for new tips and tricks to add to your utility belt and toolkit.
  • Want to join others who are raising the standard of leadership.

If that sounds like you, then T.A.L.L. is FOR you.

It doesn’t matter if you have 0 days of leadership experience or 20+ years, you are invited to join T.A.L.L.

Q. I'm busy! How much time will I need?

That’s up to you! The league is on a flexible, on-demand schedule. This is not a course and there’s no “keep up” or “falling behind”. The missions are there whenever you want, as often as you want with a minimum of one new training added each month.

Success doesn’t happen overnight. A little progress each day on your missions leads to big results. We focus on progress, not perfection.

If you put in 1-2 hours each week…

In a month from now, your leadership muscles, confidence, and your impact could be so different if you got started today, right? 

Q. Will this work for me? For my industry?

A. Awesome leadership abilities that transcend are in HIGH demand across every industry and all businesses from teeny-tiny garage startups, mom-and-pop family businesses, to multi-site, international empires.

I have years of experience developing leaders in all industries through Disney University and to businesses outside of the company through Disney Institute.

You’ll find helpful information no matter what industry you are in and ready for you when you’re ready to learn.

Q. How easy is it to implement skills I learn as a T.A.L.L. member to my specific industry?

A. Leadership is about people, not industry. I’ve created T.A.L.L. to be bite-sized, actionable, and easy to follow. From my years of experience as a leader who worked her way up to senior leadership and from years of creating and delivering organizational and leadership training programs, I can confidently say this applies to all leaders in all industries.

By following step-by-step instructions and engaging in your Mini Missions, you will achieve the skills of an awesome leader regardless of the industry you are in. And who knows how long you’ll be in that industry anyway? The great news is leadership skills are transferable skills that you keep for life.

Q. Can I cancel anytime?

A. Of course! I have a one-click no-questions-asked cancellation policy. If you join today, and you’re not completely 100% head-over-heels thrilled with everything you get in the member area of the League and are not convinced beyond a doubt that The Awesome Leader League is the place for you to develop the skills and presence to be an awesome leader, you can cancel with one click, and no hard feelings, I promise!



Q. Why is this so affordable?

A. I know, it’s insane. This is because you and I have a HUGE opportunity to create a lasting impact in this world and eradicate “boss-holes” to truly enable people to do meaningful work. 

Q. When and how long will I have access to T.A.L.L.?

A. Immediately and your price is locked in for as long as you are a member.

Should you cancel, you are welcome to join T.A.L.L. again! However, the price is only guaranteed as long as you maintain membership. Rejoining T.A.L.L. is available at the prevailing price.

Q. Will you ever increase the price?

It’s an amazing value at just $7 a month for Founding Members. But that price is destined to go up. There’s simply too much value inside T.A.L.L.  to give away for so little. So, don’t wait too long to join.

Q. Can I sign up my team to join T.A.L.L.?

The T.A.L.L. is for individual, PERSONAL use.

If interested in training or membership for your company, contact me.

Q. I'd like to hire you for a one-on-one engagement. How can I do that?

Yes, I offer one-on-one consulting and coaching engagements for those times when you have a particular situation to untangle.

I also specialize in working with organizations to build experiential onboarding people talk about years after they attended and training classes so in demand, they have a waitlist. 

Let’s chat. 

It’s time for you to become the leader you’ve always dreamed of being.

The world is waiting for you. 

You will be charged $7 now and then $7 every month as a Founding Member, “The mighty 70” as long as you stay a member of T.A.L.L. You can cancel at any time.

If you’re still having some doubts, let me put them to rest once and forever. 

If you join today, and you’re not completely 100% head-over-heels thrilled with everything in the League and not convinced beyond a doubt that T.A.L.L. is the place for you to grow and transform your leadership to change the world, I insist that you cancel and there will be no hard feelings, I promise!

Together we can achieve and inspire great things, without the overwhelm.

You will be charged $7 now and then $7 every month as a Founding Member, “the mighty 70” as long as you stay a member of T.A.L.L. You can cancel at any time.






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