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Rebecca P. Morgan, Ph.D.

Fun to read and is jammed-packed with advice!

You aren’t boring… why is your resume? 

It’s time to make your resume reflect how AWESOME you are in real life.

If your resume suffers from:

  • An outdated format that you’ve used since high school (a LOT has changed!)
  • Generic one-size-fits-all-isms (to avoid redoing it for each job)
  • Buzzword and cliche overload (this isn’t making you sound smarter – trust me)
  • Job description cuts and pastes (just…. don’t)

It’s time to unborify your resume and Stand Out from the pile.

Make your resume the one that stands out in the sea of sameness and puts you at the top of the “must interview” list.

Book Bonuses!

Here are some of the bonuses you get when you order the book:

Bonus One: Professionally Designed Stand Out Modern Resume Template!
To help you get your resume to stand out even faster, I’m giving you my client’s favorite professionally designed, fully customizable resume template that will give your resume a modern, eye-catching new look in a fraction of the time it would take to hire a graphic designer or hack together a resume on your own.

Bonus Two: Prompts & Examples Curated By Me
Should you get stuck on what to write, I got you with prompts and examples curated by me to get you unstuck and back on to making your resume scream read me.

Bonus Three:My Online Job Posting Master Mega Time-Saving Trick
This trick alone is worth more than the price of the book as it’s going to save you so much time and hair (because you’re no longer going to be pulling your hair out)  when you apply online for jobs.

Bonus Four: Resume Before/After Examples
I’ll show you exactly what to do and not do on your resume to stand out with before/after examples & worksheets you can use as you go through the guide.

Bonus Five: Stand Out Job Search Strategy & Worksheet
Now that you have a Stand Out Modern Resume I give you the job search strategy your resume fits in beautifully and is guaranteed to get your resume seen!

…and more downloads, stories, and tools!

Here’s how to get bonuses worth more than the price of the book!

Step one:  If you have the book, go to step two. If not, go here and get your copy of the Guide.
Step two: Go to the Bonus Resources section found in your book for instructions and the link to claim your bonuses!
Step three: Get ready to stand out in the sea of sameness and puts your resume at the top of the “must interview” list.


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