When most of us hear the word leadership, we usually think of political officials, CEOs, military commanders, or even athletes. While it’s true that you need good leadership skills to excel in those roles, leadership is a valuable skill that everyone from any profession, background, and experience level can use for their benefit and the benefit of others. 

Are leaders born, or are they made? 

  Effective leadership doesn’t come naturally for most of us. Luckily, you can learn leadership, and there are several ways you can use to develop, build, and refine your leadership skills.

Discover the leader in you! Try these techniques to boost your leadership skills: 

1. Strive for excellence. Part of being a successful leader is your ability to set the bar for yourself and others. Leaders never stop learning. You can be a good role model by continually seeking ways to improve yourself and aspire to excellence.
  • A hallmark of leadership is excellence. Work on honing your existing skills and developing new ones. Always be learning.
2. Focus on your vision and set goals. Consider what you want to accomplish in different areas of your life. Set goals that will help you to achieve your vision.
  • Set goals where you are able to check-in and measure your performance and progress.
  • Break up larger goals into smaller ones so that you can celebrate your successes and maintain your motivation.
  • Learn to identify and use all of your resources in the pursuit of your goals. When making action plans to reach your goals, always work with the resources you currently have available. Rather than developing strategies and plans based on resources and circumstances that you wish were reality.
  • Be willing to refine your plans and ultimate goals based on your progress as well as your dreams.
3. Develop your people skills. Leaders are known for their ability to inspire others to work towards a common goal. To be successful at inspiring others, it’s essential to develop your people skills and emotional intelligence.
  • Learn how to listen. Doing so helps to establish a connection, builds relationships and trust, so others are more likely to follow your lead and help you.
  • Help others to be their best. Being a good leader is motivating and inspiring others towards positive change and supporting them in reaching their goals and dreams.
  • Seek input from others when discussing goals and plans to reach your objectives. Don’t be a know it all. Give others a stake in the results by seeking their opinion and ideas. They’ll be more motivated to help you. But remember, don’t ask unless you plan on following up.
4. Be passionate and maintain a positive attitude. Most of us take cues from others in social situations, so you can teach others to have a positive attitude and to be passionate in their efforts by doing so yourself. Always be a role model.
  • Maintaining an upbeat attitude and giving your best effort helps to energize the entire team, so everyone can accomplish more together, regardless of the circumstances.
Taking the time to develop your leadership skills can greatly increase the amount of success that you experience in all areas of your life. They are pretty handy skills to have. These tips can help you to hone your leadership skills so that you can achieve your goals and enjoy a more satisfying life. Lead on!  

Rebecca Morgan, PhD, is an award-winning former Disney leader and founder of The Awesome Leader League (T.A.L.L.), the ultimate collection of leadership skills, strategies, tools, and resources to lead the team everyone wants to be on while skyrocketing your career. Without EVER being a soul-sucking “boss-hole.” Join us here.